Tiptoe Through The Tulips 

Tiny Tim didn't write this song, but he sure made it famous!  Well, to be more accurate, he re-made it famous.  The song was originally published in 1926, written by Joe Burke and Al Dubin.  It hit the big time as part of the 1929 musical talkie "Gold Diggers of Broadway," and topped the charts, holding the #1 position for 10 weeks.  In contrast, Tiny Tim's version peaked at #17.  But there's no disputing that today we associate this song with him. 

Every ukulele player has been asked (or will be asked) to play this tune.  It's a fun, catchy song - easy to see why so many people like it. 

Falsetto vocals optional! 

The tab is a .pdf file, so you'll need an Adobe reader (it's free) to display and print it. 

Download the arrangement for "Tiptoe Thru the Tulips" 

A brief word about the notation on this arrangement...  To help with the phrasing, we've added symbols to show how long to strum each chord.  For example: 
Play an F chord for one beat:
Play an F chord for two beats:
Play an F chord for three beats: 
Play an F chord for four beats:
Play an F chord for eight beats:
Right at the end of the arrangement, you'll see the notation "mute" above a chord box. 
To mute the strings, rest the fingers of your left hand lightly on the strings, so that when you strum you'll get a percussive sound.  You'll repeat that muted strum for four beats.  It's not necessary to do this, but it's a catchy way to wrap up the song. 

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