I'll See You In My Dreams 

Here's an old song that got a whole new generation of fans after Joe Brown's terrific ukulele solo in the Concert For George in 2002.  The concert was a memorial for George Harrison, an avid ukulele player (also known for other musical skills!) 

The song was composed in 1924 by Gus Kahn and Isham Jones, and has been recorded by a long list of artists including Louis Armstrong, Pat Boone, Doris Day, Ella Fitzgerald, Ezio Pinza, Jerry Lee Lewis, and Andy Williams. 

Joe Brown's arrangement is exceptionally well suited for the ukulele, with lots of color added to the basic chord structure of the song.  The transcription here follows his arrangement.  It's a great example of how to use the ukulele to embellish the chords in a song. 

The strum is a simple lilting swing strum -- the beauty of the song is in the great chord voicings rather than in a complex rhythm.  To get a feel for the styling in Joe's performance, check out the Concert For George CD, or even better, the video of the concert.  If you don't own a copy of the video, you can rent it in many video stores, or you can find the clip on YouTube (search for "i'll see you in my dreams").  The video will be a big help as you follow the strum (not difficult) and the chord changes (a little more challenging). 

The tab is a .pdf file, so you'll need an Adobe reader (it's free) to display and print it. 

Download the arrangement for "I'll See You In My Dreams" 
If you're having trouble with the phrasing, here's another version of this chord sheet, with the measures marked.  Some people find this easier to work with, others find it more cluttered and confusing!  Pick the one that works better for you. 

Download the arrangement with additional notation 

Have fun with this song!  Your sweetie will swoon when you play this one. 


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