How To Play All Of The Chords In All Of The Keys

Okay, we've done it for the 7th chords and for the major chords.  You've probably figured out that we can do it for any other type of chord as well.  And you're right.  Here are the patterns for eight common chord types: 
Figure 21.
All the most common chords
You've already seen the major and 7th patterns.  What's new here are the other six chord types.  The chords illustrated here are in the key of B (B, Bm, B7, Bdim, etc.), but as you know, the same sequence of patterns is used for any other key you'll just shift the patterns up or down the fretboard.  (Don't worry, we'll show you some easy ways to figure out where to shift these patterns to.  Just hang in there!) 
TIP: You don't need to start off by memorizing all of the patterns for every type of chord.  Begin with the most useful chord types, and add the others later, after the first ones have really sunk into your playing.  I'd recommend the 7th chords as the first set to learn you'll use these the most often.  Then learn the diminished chords, just because they're so easy (there's only one pattern; you shift it up three frets to form the next position).  After that, learn the major and minor chords.  These four chords will take care of almost anything you want to do. 
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